Face Fit Testing

Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) or “Masks” rely on a tight seal with the face to work. This is so that only air going through the filter is breathed in.


If the RPE does not fit properly, dust can slip through any gap between the RPE and the face and into the airways. Dust particles can be much smaller than the width of a hair, so the face seal needs to be good.


There are many designs of RPE. Not all will fit every face well enough to form a good seal.


To find one that does, the user needs to be “face fit tested”.

We undertake qualitative face fit testing, which is carried out by our trained and competent testers.


Delegates are firstly taken through the process of selecting the correct RPE for the job, adjusting it and fitting the mask to the face until they have a good seal around their mouth and nose.


A cowl is then placed over their head and a sweet or sour vapour is introduced to check if the seal is sufficient. We take the delegates through a number of recognised exercises to ensure that the RPE seal is not broken.


On successful completion of the exercises, we will issue certification.

The Certificate identifies the wearer and the specific RPE they have been successfully tested with.


If a different make/type of RPE is to be used, a new Face Fit Test will be required each time

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