Alcohol & Drugs Testing

On-site or office-based alcohol and drug testing service is an effective way of monitoring employees, to ensure they are working safely and in accordance with their contract and terms of employment, as well as within the requirements of health and safety legislation. This is of course essential when employees are using plant, equipment or vehicles as part of their work duties, but it also applies to other employees, no matter what their role.


Testing forms part of an effective health and safety management system and can help to demonstrate that an employer is taking reasonable precautions.


Alcohol Testing

Our experienced testers us a Lion Alcolmeter 500, which is a hand-held Home Office Type Approved and legally defensible breath-testing instrument, giving fast accurate digital results. It is specifically designed to provide accuracy, reproducibility, stability and durability.


It is used by many UK & World Police Forces and is considered Breathalyzer technology you can trust.

Drug Testing

We offer 10 panel drug screenings, with an ability to screen for traces of the following drugs, depending upon the request of the client:

- Amphetamines,

- Barbiturates,

- Benzodiazepines,

- Cannabis,

- Cocaine,

- Ketamine,

- Methadone,

- Methamphetamine (inc. Ecstasy),

- Opiates (inc. heroin)

- Propoxyphene.

Our drug and alcohol screenings provide accurate and reliable information, with instant-result specimen collections and laboratory tested specimen collections, using a laboratory with full UKAS accreditation and complying with UK and European workplace guidelines to ensure legal defensibility.

Chain of Custody forms are used for all screenings and are court admissible documents.

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